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Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Contact-name: Danielle Harvey
Contact-position: Director

"We were devastated when COVID-19 forced the cancellation of the 2020 Festival of Dangerous Ideas just two weeks out. It was our milestone 10th anniversary with extraordinary international and Australian speakers flying in, sold-out sessions and a wave of publicity from Access PR, with more slated to run, including the cover story of The Sydney Morning Herald’s Spectrum (100% earned, no media partnerships).

Access immediately took a proactive, highly flexible, problem-solving approach for every aspect of our communications.

They went above and beyond, working as part of our team to make sure every stakeholder, including speakers, people with tickets, the media, etc was informed at every step, and providing senior issues and reputation management counsel at no cost.

They shaped the narrative and messaging that enabled us to confidently launch a virtual FODI just six weeks later, generating remarkable awareness and driving registrations for the streamed sessions."

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