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"Tourism and destination marketing has, of course, been incredibly challenging over the past 12 months, but Access’ proactivity, agility and strategic thinking saw the Territory remain top of mind and relevant throughout. Our objective was, in the face of everything, to remain a positive part of any media conversations about domestic travel and we succeeded.

We could not afford to be tone deaf to the national consumer sentiment and the narrative Access created ensured we successfully walked that tightrope.

Access feels part of the NT family and an extension of our internal team that ensures nothing slips through the cracks and together we consistently brainstorm new ideas and maximise any opportunity available."

Tony Quarmby, Executive Director
Tourism NT

"We were devastated when COVID-19 forced the cancellation of the 2020 Festival of Dangerous Ideas just two weeks out. It was our milestone 10th anniversary with extraordinary international and Australian speakers flying in, sold-out sessions and a wave of publicity from Access PR, with more slated to run, including the cover story of The Sydney Morning Herald’s Spectrum (100% earned, no media partnerships).

Access immediately took a proactive, highly flexible, problem-solving approach for every aspect of our communications.

They went above and beyond, working as part of our team to make sure every stakeholder, including speakers, people with tickets, the media, etc was informed at every step, and providing senior issues and reputation management counsel at no cost.

They shaped the narrative and messaging that enabled us to confidently launch a virtual FODI just six weeks later, generating remarkable awareness and driving registrations for the streamed sessions."

Danielle Harvey, Director
Festival of Dangerous Ideas

"Charles Darwin University’s communication function was lacking as a result of organisational and staff changes. Our brand was suffering in the public arena, with low stakeholder support and advocacy creating negative perceptions and perpetuating the spread of misinformation.

Access PR arrived and has made a significant difference to CDU’s reputation and overall communications approach and strategy.


When it comes to media there has been a complete turnaround. Now, there is a more balanced, fair and accurate narrative, thanks to Access.

This is a great outcome given the complex and potentially damaging issues they needed to manage.

Access’s dedication, insights and ability to deliver across our communications requirements has been brilliant." 

Shannon Holborn, Director, Marketing, Media and Communications
Charles Darwin University

"This young and dynamic communications company is staffed with solution-focused, results-driven, creative thinkers. The account team at Access provide comprehensive PR support, from traditional media relations to the all-important, social and media partnerships, as well as a solid understanding of the ever-changing emerging media landscape. Their greatest competitive advantage however, is the team’s willingness to invest time and attention to fully understand our brands and objectives – resulting in the delivery of quality campaign strategies plus impactful results, as well as the ability to quickly adapt to our changing requirements if necessary."

Jenny Lacey, Brand Publicity One Voice Marketing Manager

“Access PR has managed complicated projects with significant local considerations, and numerous stakeholders including government, artistic directors, cultural custodians, local artist groups, community members and environmental advocates.

They showed significant flexibility, patience and commitment to ensure deliverables were met, even when faced with activities outside their control. Access PR’s professionalism and over-and-above service resulted in positive enhancement of all our projects.”

Andrew Hopper, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
NT Department of Tourism and Culture

“After engagements with Access PR in various roles, I found myself in need of experienced PR support in a hurry.

I contacted Andrea and within five days had the most experienced, most culturally appropriate, and most fabulously stylish team of communications professionals on the job, literally hitting the ground running. They couldn’t have been more responsive, or effective. Access PR does a great job of planning and strategy, and with excellent client relationship skills, are a delight to work with.”

Jacquie Riddell, ex-Director of Engagement
Art Gallery of NSW

“Access PR has been an integral part of the HomeWorld team, partnering with us closely to become a true extension of our business whilst providing us with solid strategic pathways. The team has always delivered above and beyond any of our business objectives and has been an incredible support to me in my role.”

Trudi Busch, Director of Marketing

“The team, led by Andrea Kerekes, is extremely professional, well-connected with Sydney’s leading food and beverage media and culinary influencers, creative in approach and always a delight to work with. And most importantly, they achieve great results.”

Diane Glasson, ex-Director of Communication and PR
The Star

“They are an absolute delight to work with and their commitment to their clients is unquestionable."

Fatima Syed, ex-Head of Marketing
Pizza Hut