How to catch up on all the shows you’ve missed this year

How to catch up on all the shows you’ve missed this year

There’s been a lot on the telly over the past 12 months. Chances are there’s been some great stuff you’ve missed but would still love to see. You don’t need a subscription to catch up on some of the best entertainment, drama, comedy and reality to hit our screens during 2017 – all you need is Freeview.

With more than 10,000 programs to choose from this summer, Freeview gives you access to all your favourite live and catch-up programming on-demand and for free.

Whether it’s sitting down with the whole family for a Boxing Day binge session, catching up on your favourite dramas on your iPad by the pool, or watching on your phone while the TV is monopolised by summer sport, Freeview gives you access to the best of TV.

Freeview has two products, Freeview Plus and Freeview FV, which make it easier than ever to access your favourite programs, for free.  

What is Freeview Plus?

Freeview Plus is a service accessed via a broadcast and broadband connection, which gives you all available catch-up TV programs in one place, on your TV.

Freeview Plus combines all live and catch-up content from all TV channels in one place, making it easy to search and discover the very best shows. 

What do I need to access Freeview Plus?

Chances are, if you’ve bought a smart TV in the past three years, you’ll already have access to Freeview Plus.  All you need is a Freeview Plus TV, STB or PVR, good digital reception, a broadband connection and you're ready to go.

Freeview Plus is available on a large range of TVs, set-top-boxes (STB) and personal video recorders (PVR).  Go to to find out more.

How do I access Freeview Plus?

To access Freeview Plus, all you need to do is ensure you've connected your TV to the aerial and internet and press the green button on the remote control. From here you will see a prompt on the top left of the screen which will take you directly through to the Freeview Plus service.

What services can I access through Freeview Plus?

Freeview Plus has lots of features that help make watching and exploring content easier than ever before.

Explore TV

My TV is your personalised screen, dedicated to help you enjoy TV program discovery by including programs based on your viewing preferences. These include Live TV, Catch Up, Program Genres, Our Picks, Favourites plus Recommended For You.

Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

The on-screen EPG lets you find out what’s on over the next seven days, or see what is available on catch-up TV.

Browse and search

Looking for a specific show or movie? Freeview Plus makes it easy to find your favourite programs and discover new ones.


Keep all your favourites in one place under My TV.

What is Freeview FV?

Freeview FV is a world-first, live-streaming mobile app that gives you access to live and catch-up content from 25 free-to-air channels.

Through the app you can browse, search and watch all available free-to-air programs, access a full free-to-air TV guide and set favourites and reminders.

Simple and easy to use, Freeview FV gives you more choice and convenience in one place and is available on iOS and Android, phone and tablet, and Chromecast.

How do I download Freeview FV?

Freeview FV is available for download on your chosen device through the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

What services can I access through Freeview FV?

Freeview FV has lots of features that help make watching and exploring content easier than ever before.

Live Streaming

Get live streaming from 19 free-to-air channels on the go.


Access all catch up TV from all the free-to-air networks including SBS On Demand, ABC iview, 7PLUS, 9Now, and tenplay.

TV Guide

Find out what's on free-to-air over the next 7 days with the Freeview FV TV Guide. 

Browse and Search

Browse and search all free-to-air programs making it easy to find your favourite programs and discover new ones.

Reminders and Favourites

If there's a program you don't want to miss, simply set a reminder, keep all your favourites listed in one place and access them with a simple press of a button.


Not sure what's on? We'll recommend the best of what's coming up on both live and catch up TV. It's a great snapshot of the best of what's on across all Freeview channels.

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