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Iconic kitchenware brand Pyrex® has launched a super-stylish new line of award-winning kitchen utensils, Pyrex® Gadgets, in Australia.

Winner of the 2016 GOOD DESIGN™ Award for design excellence in the US, Pyrex Gadgets help write the next chapter for the much-loved brand. 

Building on more than 100 years of trust and innovation, the line was designed to simplify cooking tasks by saving prep time and valuable drawer space. Each streamlined design is also dual material for both flexibility and firm control.

Created from BPA-free plastic with soft-comfort grip handles, the Pyrex Gadgets range is the perfect addition to any kitchen. It includes everything home cooks need, from measuring cups and spoons to spatulas and ice cream scoops, each with a multi-functional use.   

The Pyrex Double Balloon Whisk combines the strength of a traditional wire whisk with silicone-coated wire loops. The balloon shape is designed to aerate batter, for lighter, fluffier baked goods. With a simple flick, deflate the whisk flat to perfectly whip together gravies and sauces.

The Pyrex Solid Spoon has one soft silicone edge and one hard plastic edge to allow cooks to scoop, stir and scrape ingredients with the silicone edge, while the hard edge cuts and chops ingredients in the pan.

Heat-resistant up to 200 degrees celsius and dishwasher-safe, Pyrex Gadgets have also been designed with home storage needs in mind, with each utensil nesting neatly together for fuss-free storage in the kitchen.

The Pyrex Gadgets range is launching in March 2017 in Big W with an RRP of $12.00 per item.

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