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Australian brands will now be able to offer their own branded music apps for the first time, following today’s launch of POSmusic, a new global marketing platform that helps brands connect and engage with customers through music.

POSmusic provides expertly curated music and sophisticated content marketing tools, and can tailor-make music apps powered by Spotify to match client look and feel, delivering a curated brand music experience straight into customers’ hands no matter where they are.

The POSmusic platform seamlessly merges in-store music, online and mobile music technology. The first of its kind, it leverages Spotify’s data and technology to create branded customer engagement apps for brands, giving them a deeper understanding of their customers while encouraging customers to give real-time feedback on the brand’s playlists, or brand sound.

Customers login using their personal Spotify account to listen, save and share their new music discoveries while on the move - building a unique customer data set which is shared with the brand.

The POSmusic platform is designed to encourage social sharing and the more customers share a brand’s sound, the more insights and data the client receives on its growing customer base, their engagement and loyalty, and the more its music and brand network is fine-tuned and grown.

POSmusic CEO Harley Sedman, a specialist in brand sound with more than a decade’s experience working with leading retail and hospitality brands, said that brand building is now a two-way street and POSmusic’s technology is helping to bridge a gap that exists in the market.

“Loyalty is created when customers have the opportunity to help shape the brand conversation, and it’s this sense of ownership that translates quickly into measurable metrics,” he said.

“Music builds advocacy in an authentic and meaningful way, particularly with Millennials. It’s an effective channel for marketers, especially when technology such as ours has advanced to the point where businesses can better track the return of investment in music as a marketing tool.”

POSmusic’s team of musicologists work with brands to identify and create their own signature sound by choosing from a database of more than 40 million legally available songs.

The platform’s technology then refines and optimises selections based on customer’s demographic data and in-store staff feedback, automatically monitoring relevant music events and region-specific music trends, allowing an ever-evolving sound and more meaningful customer engagement.

Ben and Jerry’s, Reiss and a growing number of businesses including quick-service restaurant Schnitz have worked with Sedman and his team to help shape the POSmusic platform to ensure marketers’ needs are being addressed from day one.

“This platform has been built with brands in mind and we have been lucky to receive some great feedback and collaboration from leading retailers,” said Sedman.

He said POSmusic’s unique offering will work to benefit retailers and venues both big and small.

“Our clients get the right music for their business and access to a mix of branded digital content that's relevant, easy to integrate with existing digital channels, and engages customers beyond a single brand interaction.

“The right music will grow your bottom line. It’s about improving the value of licensed content and increasing access to it. With that in mind we’re excited to be able to say that POSmusic truly represents the next generation of music for business,” he said.


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About POSmusic

POSmusic is a music platform built for business, a specialised music consultancy service and content marketing platform that connects brands with their target market. POSmusic creates expertly curated playlists and brand-specific content for clients in stores, venues and online.  Using big data, the company is fast becoming an industry-leader in music curation for business, helping businesses grow customer loyalty and their bottom line.