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Access PR launches world-first ‘Cute on Call’ content division

Access PR launches world-first ‘Cute on Call’ content division

Leading independent Australian PR agency Access has launched a content division called Cute on Call, offering a range of adorable puppies, kittens, babies and bunnies to hire for promotions and original content.

In a clever twist, a selection of ugly babies will also be available.

“Not-so-pretty babies are quite funny and, used properly, can attract a lot of attention. We call them ‘quirky bubs’ to avoid offending any overly sensitive parents,” said Access CEO Andrea Kerekes.

“For any brand wanting to engage mass audiences online or in face-to-face activations and promotions, having something young and cute – maybe not so cute – has become virtually mandatory.

"Cute on Call fast tracks the process from concept to viral,” she added.

To inspire shareable hilarity, the business’s props department offers slippery stairs, buckets of water, hollowed-out pumpkins and watermelons, trampolines, baths, scooters, and cooked spaghetti to help the mayhem come to life.

Access has teamed up with a network of dog, cat and miniature rabbit breeders, and has signed agreements with Australian-based mummy bloggers to access a range of babies.

Anyone interested in hiring ‘cute’ talent or registering their baby – ugly or gorgeous – with Cute on Call can indicate their interest by emailing