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Aussie singles say Cupid can wait

Aussie singles say Cupid can wait
- 42% of respondents said Valentine’s Day means nothing to them -
14 February 2014: Almost half of singles in Australia have no interest in Valentine's Day whatsoever according to a national survey by Sydney-based dating site
The online survey of singles revealed that four in five single Australians (86%) aren't feeling Valentine's Day pressure.
An astonishing 42% of respondents said Valentine’s Day means nothing to them.
Unattached Australian singles refuse to bow to the pressure of marketing and popular culture, with 44% saying they will avoid seeking out a one night stand tonight, and continue to concentrate on looking for a genuine date.
Some respondents are more apprehensive about spending the most romantic day of the year alone, with 14% saying they intend to call an ex-partner or search their online matches to line up a random date, rather than spend the night alone.
Earlier this month, a survey looking at relationship goals for the year revealed that 72% online singles hope to meet "the one" and settle down in 2014. co-founder and CEO, Dave Heysen said: “There has always been a wave of anxiety at this time of year for singles so it’s great to see this pressure subsiding.
“The truth is, there's no need to be desperate and dateless when know you can log on to a dating site or app any night of the week and chat with someone in your area." is preparing for a steep spike in traffic to the site and via the smartphone apps today, as thousands of singles search for last minute dinner dates in the areas where they live or work.
Each week facilitates almost four million conversations between Australian singles.
More than 2,800 members from around Australia responded to each survey.
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