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We offer bespoke and comprehensive training modules that can be held at our office or yours.

Media Training

Access media training not only provides the skills to successfully deal with any interaction with the media, but also an in-depth understanding of how the media works.

While representing an organisation can be one of the most challenging situations executives face, contact with the media can provide positive opportunities to communicate an organisation's messages.

But how do you get it right? We show you, work through practical exercises and lift the lid on exactly how the media works and have the confidence to face any media situation.

Social media

Our group workshops offer highly practical insights for anyone who wants to understand the what, how and why of social media platforms.

Each session is tailored to ensure every participant learns what they need to know – not just what’s trending.

PR 101

This interactive and informative workshop for up to 10 people is designed to help clients and their teams get the best results from their PR agency or consultant by understanding what PR means and how the media works.

PR is not a ‘set and forget’ function, so knowing how to work well with a PR team will deliver better-than-good results.

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