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Five things in five minutes
Thursday 3 December, 2015

Christmas presents, brand emojis, app updates and celebrity endorsements. Just a few things that happened this week.

If you listen carefully you can hear social media managers across the country cheering softly as reports roll in that Instagram may finally be adding support for multiple accounts. It’s still only on Android and it’s still not confirmed, but let's all keep our collective fingers crossed that toggling between accounts will become much less time consuming in the near future! On the subject of Instagram, there’s been a rise in the popularity of filters being used as baby names. Yes, really. 

The LinkedIn app has got all fancy with a new Facebook-esque makeover, focusing on a central feed and the app is ‘flavoured with learnings and code’ from LinkedIn’s various other add-ons. 

Every year, British department store John Lewis releases a festive ad that gives everyone a serious dose of the feels. John Lewis, an incredibly patient man, receives a deluge of tweets that he diligently replies to whilst directing people back to the correct Twitter account. This year John Lewis (the man) has received a thank you present from John Lewis (the store).

Hashtags and emoji are two trends that brands are loving right now – combine the two and brands like Coca Cola, Wimbledon and last week’s ARIAs are taking over Twitter with the Branded Hashtag Emoji

After Ricky Gervais filmed ads for Optus in the bath, on his phone AND in portrait, celebrity endorsements seem to involve less and less effort. Nick Offerman’s ‘Yule Log’ video shows him sitting in a fine leather chair, next to a crackling fire and staring into a camera calmly for a full 45 minutes to advertise Lagavulin whisky. And people are loving it!

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