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Five things in five minutes
Thursday 19 November, 2015

GIFs made easy, toy companies breaking down the gender norms, Facebook getting all charitable and a hoo-ha over emojis. Here are a few things that happened this week.

Facebook is bolstering its humanitarian outreach efforts and has launched its latest cause-focused product, Fundraisers – a dedicated page where nonprofits can raise money for specific campaigns. Donate buttons have also been improved, adding the option for users to choose whether to provide their email addresses, an important aspect for a nonprofit hoping to increase its donor base. 

It seems like emojis are a hot topic in the news every other week and this week was no different. There was minor outcry when Oxford Dictionaries announced that ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ emoji was selected as the Word of the Year, Twitter seem to be testing emoji reactions after the less than positive reaction to Twitter hearts and Durex are campaigning for a #condomemoji in the run up to World AIDS Day.

Another hot topic of 2015 is GIFs and Tumblr, the home of endless reblogged GIFs, has come up with a tool called GIF Maker providing a way for people to easily make their own

Toy makers Mattel have been receiving praise for featuring a boy in their ads for Moschino Barbie. However Mattel didn’t lead the creative for the ad; it’s more of a ‘fauxmercial’ from Moschino.  

HP have created a series of fun and impressive commercials, vowing to ‘keep reinventing’. The entertaining ads tie in with the new Star Wars film and are well worth a watch. 

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