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Five things in five minutes
Friday 6 November, 2015

Trouble in blogger paradise, some shopping mall sledging and a lot of Snapchat firsts. A few things that happened over the last seven days. 

Snapchat has been ever so busy lately, adding lots of new effects and filters to keep people using the app. New James Bond film, Spectre, created its own dedicated Discover channel, showing behind-the-scenes content and interviews from cast members ahead of the worldwide release – the first movie to use Snapchat in such a way. In another first, The Peanuts Movie brought us the first promoted Snapchat lens allowing you to send a snap with Snoopy. Could this be the reason Snapchat is now the happiest social media app

There’s trouble in Instagram paradise. Social media star Esenna O’Neill has had a change of heart about her ‘instafame’, quitting social media because it promoted an image of a fake life. Many successful social media influencers are rushing to prove they’re genuine and some, like SocalityBarbie, are taking the opportunity to admit they’re making reality look a lot rosier.

There’s still plenty of love in the world. Twitter has replaced stars with hearts and replaced the term ‘favourite’ with ‘like’ as you ‘might like a lot of things, but not everything can be your ‘favourite’. Not everybody ‘hearts’ the change.

For its latest charity campaign, IKEA has immortalised children’s drawings into stuffed animals and puppets that are sold in stores. Children were asked to submit toy designs and 10 winners were chosen. One euro from every soft toy sold is donated to children’s charities.

The North Face has made coat shopping a lot of fun. The store offered customers Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets to experience the snowy delight of the South Pole…then added a surprise ending. 

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