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Five things in five minutes
Friday 9 October, 2015

The spring sunshine seems to bringing out everyone’s playful side. This week we look at reacting to Facebook posts with pre-set emotions, creative Instagram ads, a couple of balls and some terrible dad jokes. 

Dislike is out, Reactions are in. As not every moment is a good moment, Facebook has started to test Reactions, new ways to react to Facebook posts using special emojis to express love, awe, humour, and sadness. It seems using actual words is so 2014. There are also a few changes coming to your profile pictures

US company General Electric is living up to its reputation of providing high quality innovative content. Its newest offering? Podcasts. A new experimental podcast called ‘Pivot’, a ’semi-fictional podcast about a very real opportunity'. It includes documentary-style interviews alongside a fictional story and characters. It’s also producing a science fiction podcast series called ‘The Message’, an eight-episode sci-fi take of a cryptologist working to decode a broadcast from outer space, in an effort to raise its profile among a younger, tech-savvy audience. 

Instagram celebrated its fifth birthday this week and with the new ad availability not pleasing everyone it’s great to see that good-old creativity is still very much in play on the platform. Reynolds Wrap have created an ‘Endless Table’ Instagram cookbook and Beringer Vineyards have teamed up with the Instagram couple known for the popular #FollowMeTo hashtag to create the #BetterBeckons campaign. So far only behind-the-scenes shots have been posted with the actual results running as print ads. 

We are now officially in October (yes, really) which means the Halloween-themed brand assault on our newsfeed is about to start. Over in the states Chipotle is taking dad jokes to the next level with a campaign raising awareness of ‘unneces-scary’ ingredients. If you’re in fancy dress on Halloween you’ll also get a free boo-rito. Added bonus: if you’re a fan of terrible puns you should read this Twitter conversation 

When you think of underwear ads you probably think of rippling abs and cheesy photoshoots. Bonds has anthropomorphised testicles in its latest ad where two balls chat about life down under without a pair of smalls in sight. 

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