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Five things in five minutes
Friday 2 October, 2015

A marathon Periscope session, how to scare your kids with Snapchat, some wonderful photography of the night sky and a bonus helpful dolphin.

Once again Facebook has been busy adding, updating and generally changing everything. This article handily sums up the main changes to ads…for now anyway. (We won’t talk about the site going down).

Snapchat’s new selfie filters aren’t just a way of scaring children. With the new lenses your face can now double up as a billboard with the ingenious plan to sell the selfie lenses to advertisers.

Doritos in Canada are taking periscoping to the next level with #DoritosCollisionsCannons, a 12 hour live stream of ‘epic collisions’ to celebrate the launch of their new ‘collisions’ flavour. All sorts of items will be fired at each other, out of cannons, naturally, and streamed live. It’ll be smashing. Literally. 

Over in New York it’s NY Advertising Week and Times Square is packed with creative minds. Taking advantage of the opportunity Dunkin’ Donuts and Airbnb have launched new ad campaigns linking to Google Maps. Out-of-town attendees can find their nearest coffee (with estimated wait time) or head on a ‘hosted walk’ and discover some hidden NYC gems. 

This week the moon looked red during an eclipse causing an outpouring of rage towards clouds, some wonderful amateur photography and some very funny tweets. Preempting the cloud cover Twitter added a little red moon emoji to the #SuperBloodMoon hashtag so you could still catch a glimpse of the moon. 

And since it's a long weekend enjoy this bonus video of a very helpful dolphin.



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