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Video Killed the Radio Star

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Video Killed the Radio Star
Thursday 24 September, 2015

Video killed the radio star, or so the story goes… but with the growing popularity of podcasts and reinvented radio content, could we be experiencing a radio resurgence? We certainly hope so. 

Last year, Serial took the world by storm when it became the fastest podcast to reach five million downloads, and in the blink of an eye became the hot topic at water coolers and dinner parties alike.

While it had us completely enthralled, arguably more importantly, it also brought podcasting out of the shadows and into the mainstream, leaving listeners wanting more. To help fill that void, we’ve put together our list of the best radio nuggets around for your listening pleasure.

1. This American Life

An oldie but a goodie, This American Life has been enchanting listeners with the dulcet tones of Ira Glass since 1995. Born as a radio show on WBEZ Chicago, This American Life was one of the first radio shows to really ‘get’ the podcast medium, and now reaches an estimated 2.2 million listeners around the globe.

It also gave life to the incredibly addictive and above-mentioned Serial and for that we are truly grateful.

2. Chat 10 Looks 3

An Aussie offering by ABC heavy weights Leigh Sales and Annabelle Crabb, Chat 10 Looks 3 somehow manages to combine musical theatre, politics, Yottam Ottolenghi, Fifty Shades of Grey and what’s hot and what’s not in high-brow literature into a hilarious 30 minutes.

3. Radio Lab

Podcast listeners are all about learning stuff, so with a focus on curiosity and digestible science, Radio Lab is bound to improve your dinner party small talk and trivia skills.

4. How to do everything

Are you constantly striving to learn how to do everything? If so, the Mike Danforth, Ian Chillag and the team at How to do everything pretty much have you covered. From “how do I break up with my hairstylist of 20 years” to “how do I not sound stupid when ordering wine” to “how do I escape a charging rhino”, it’s fair to say this podcast is your cheat sheet to winning at life.

 5. Invisibilia

For those wanting to delve a little deeper into some abstract thinking, Invisibilia, Latin for "all the invisible things" takes a good hard look at those things we can’t actually look at – ideas, beliefs assumptions and emotions.

6. Reply All  

 If the internet is still a mystery to you, and you’re not quite sure exactly where it all comes together, then check out Reply All, with stories on how the internet shapes people and how people shape the internet. 

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