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Five things in five minutes
Thursday 17 September, 2015

Social networks seem to be having a spring clean. Facebook is doing its best to create friendship drama, Snapchat is getting ‘creative’ and Nutella invited the wrong people to its party.

Facebook is getting negative. Not only is it starting the hideous friendship-destructing  ‘seen’ feature for events, it’s also launching a ‘dislike’ button as, according to Zuckerberg, ‘not every moment is a good moment’. On the plus side you’ll finally be able to let loose on your Facebook pet peeves.

Nutella had a bit of a mass marketing fail this week when the ‘personalise your jar’ send out made it into the inbox of Nutella-hating I Quit Sugar. Unsurprisingly they RSVP’d no…

Given that almost two thirds of Snapchat users are aged 13-24 it would be safe to assume it’s a slightly risky playground for alcohol brands.  Jim Beam are using age-gating to target the millions of millennials in the over-21 bracket to market its new Jim Beam Apple product

Snapchat continues to grow and rolled out several new updates this week including in-app purchases for replays and a selection of  ‘creative’ selfie features.

Road safety PSAs aren’t ever sunshine-and-rainbows and this video from Irish International BBDO is no exception, but it is a great example of effective messaging.

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