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Five things in five minutes
Thursday 10 September, 2015

Instagram has joined the big boys of the advertising world, fashion weeks are about to take over social and Apple announces the latest round of must-have gadgets.

Apple announced a whole host of new products this week (here’s a nice summary), including the Apple Pencil. It was slightly awkward when the whole audience audibly laughed at the name and there are some great reactions.

Instagram ads are all grown up and ready to ramp up ad revenue. Ads will be on sale globally to businesses of all sizes by the end of September, allowing 30-second video ads and Instagram is now looking at formats that link outside of the app. On the subject of Instagram you should follow  Socality Barbie – you could learn a lot from her. 

Public Service Announcement: From today prepare to be bombarded on social media as fashion weeks kick off for another season. Periscope seems to be the app of choice as #fashionunfiltered brings real access and the most authentic views of what it’s like to attend, with no editing. As brands are gearing up for fashion weeks many companies will also be harnessing the power of user generated content - this infographic gives great insight as to why. 

Now it’s clocked up one billion users in a single day, the impact Facebook has on the world of online conversation can’t be ignored. This new regular infographic from ad week breaks down the most talked-about topic trends by subject and demographic. 

Yesterday was R U OK day, an annual dedicated to remind people to ask family, friends and colleagues ‘R U OK?’ to help a difference to anyone struggling. DT helped people ask this in a beautiful way.


RUOK Thanks For Asking from DT on Vimeo.

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