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Five things in five minutes
Thursday 3 September, 2015

People of the world have been very busy on social media this week! We’ve seen a couple of new records, a couple of company makeovers and a lot of cute critters.

You can now officially think outside the box - Instagram now supports landscape and portrait images and videos. This is a welcomed move with the social media site stating that about one in five Instagram photos aren’t square with people using apps like Squaready to prepare their images. On the subject of Instagram, Hyundai has niftily used the app to create a quiz using 18 accounts and nearly 400 images to help you choose your next SUV. 

Not long after the news of a company restructure, Google has had a makeover, introducing ‘a new logo and identity family’ that ‘shows you when the Google magic is working for you’. It’s not just the new dynamic logo - look out for the little four coloured ‘G’ icon or a colourful microphone to show you that Google is basically a way of life. And if you’re wondering what other brands would look like sans serif, wonder no more.  

MTV Video Music Awards generated a lot of social chatter earlier this week. So much so it’s now the most-tweeted non-sports program, according to Nielsen, since they started tracking twitter activity in 2011. In the US 2.2 million people sent 21.4million tweets which were seen 676 million times. There were also 39 million Facebook interactions probably helped along by questionable outfits, a few on-air confrontations and Kanye West announcing his bid for presidency… 

One billion people sounds like an awful lot. It sounds like even more when translated to the fact that one in seven people on earth logged onto Facebook on Monday 24 August. Mark Zuckerberg announced the impressive milestone in a Facebook post on Monday.  

And finally, if you don’t use Twitter to keep up with the science community then you may have missed this week’s #CuteOff. Among the big-eyed and fuzzy usual suspects we were also introduced to tiny critters you’d never have considered. Who knew a baby cuttlefish was so sweet? 

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