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Five things in five minutes
Thursday 27 August, 2015

It’s been a week full of creativity as plenty of fresh campaigns have turned up in our newsfeeds. This week we look at a secret mission from Warner Brothers, Old Spice proving it's anything but old and a charming ad for, of all things, insurance. 

Fresh off the back of a successful Instagram adventure, Old Spice is targeting millennials and advertising on Imgur with a ‘GIF Off’. The response from Imgur’s GIF-loving community has been very positive – another win for Old Spice.

Watch out Siri, Facebook is coming for you. Not content with being the world’s largest social network and most popular photo-sharing destination, Facebook has built M, a virtual assistant that lives in the app, ready to go head to head with Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Now. 

Facebook isn’t only out to smack down Siri – it has also rolled out a ‘Donate Now’ button for brand pages to make it easier for all of us to give money to charity. 

It’s tough work keeping ahead of the game on Instagram but there seems to be a constant stream of new and imaginative ideas. This week Warner Brothers set its Instagram followers a secret mission with invisible ink. The call-to-action was very simple and it incorporated great shareability. 

Making the subject of insurance adorable is no easy feat but John Lewis has managed it.The UK department store is known for heartwarming ads and this latest instalment is no exception. 

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