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Five things in five minutes
Thursday 20 August, 2015

This week we welcome Huffington Post, welcome back Facebook Notes and run terrified from a marauding marsupial.

Huffington Post has made it down under! Going live a day earlier than planned the site launched with an exclusive report on Julie Bishop and her same-sex marriage views.  

Remember Facebook Notes? We don’t blame you. In Facebook’s early days when you still had ‘is’ at the beginning of your status and albums only had 60 photos, Notes existed for the times you wanted to be more verbose and fill out the endless stream of friendship questionnaires. Well it’s making a comeback. It looks like Facebook is making it easier for people to ‘blog’ from the site with the new design much cleaner with more of a blog-post feel. 

There’s a music streaming marketing war going on and Google is pulling out the big guns. By big guns we mean ‘cool brands’ with the likes of ASOS and Munchery coming on as partners with playlists to match your summer festival outfit (via a shopable look book) or match your online menu (listening to Happy Hour Country Radio over a fried chicken dinner). 

 Google is the most viewed website in the world and is unlikely to lose that title any time soon. But when it comes to driving traffic to news websites, Facebook is the clear winner accounting for nearly 43% of traffic to its media sites compared to Google’s 38%.

In a week that’s been dominated by the media talking about the latest hacking scandal it’s nice to see some good in the world too. Two hundred posters have taken over the London Underground supporting the MicroLoan Foundation. The posters have all been bought by female entrepreneurs to support the charity than enables women in Malawi and Zambia to work their way out of poverty. And for a bit of light relief this week we leave you with a video of a koala chasing a quad bike. Yes, really. They may look cute and cuddly but one dairy farmer had a slightly strange interaction with a particularly grumpy marsupial…

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