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Five things in five minutes
Friday 7 August, 2015

This week we look at the power of love, Instagram continues to move forward in leaps and bounds and we take a trip back to 1985.

People love a grumble on social media and Facebook want in on the communication action and have announced a number of new features.  Among them a ‘send message’ button that will appear directly on ads in your newsfeed encouraging communication (namely complaints) to take place via private message rather than publicly on the brand page.

Paying with love? Britain’s answer to Vegemite, Marmite, is celebrating a summer of love and have opened a pop up café in London…with a twist. Instead of cash they will accept payment by social sentiment. On arrival customers enter their twitter handle into the social media powered ‘love-o-meter’ which analyses social sentiment to discover if you’re a lover of a hater. Lovers get free marmite toasties and haters will have to pay. 

Instagram has switched on its advertising API which will almost immediately transform the app into a major mobile advertising business rivalling Google and Twitter. 

Not wanting to be outdone by Periscope and Meerkat, Facebook are also jumping on the live streaming bandwagon. If you’re a verified celebrity Facebook will let you live stream through its new service ‘Live’. The main difference (apart from needing to be a Facebook certified VIP to use the service) is that you can save the videos afterwards.  

And finally, a shopper at Coles found a little more than he bargained for during his weekly shop. He informed Coles about his extra shopping via the Facebook page and the response was perfect

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