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Five things in five minutes
Thursday 13 August, 2015

This week there’s a little bit of news from Google, a lot of video viewing from Periscope, an awful lot of characters from Twitter and a couple of poor brand decisions. 

Meet Google’s new boss – Alphabet. Google has restructured the company and now everything will report up to Alphabet Inc. essentially taking Google from one company that does a huge range of things, to a conglomerate that owns a string of businesses. 

There is no longer a need to keep your Twitter direct messages brief. The character limit has been increased from 140 to 10,000 allowing users to ramble on to their heart’s content. Twitter has also been busy launching a breaking news tab and, fresh off this breaking news, Facebook is reportedly hard at work developing a stand-alone mobile news app of its own. 

You might think that reaching 10 million users in four months is something to brag about, but when Periscope announced its news to the world it had some slightly more impressive stats to share – these 10 million users are watching more than 40 years worth of video per day! 

You might think that of all the days to post a ‘Look Like a Girl, Think Like a Man’ message, national women’s day might not be the wisest choice. Unfortunately Bic wasn’t making good choices that day and rather than ‘empowering’ women, they caused social media outrage. Will they ever learn?

As an app solely based on appearance you think Tinder might be able to brush off a bit of criticism. Apparently not. Tinder did not take kindly to an article written by Vanity Fair and soon launched into a bizarre 30 tweet defensive. Was it a planned PR stunt or just #awkward? 

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