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Five things in five minutes
Thursday 30 July, 2015

Messenger adds a business hat, Twitter cracks down on joke theft and Google+ starts to wave goodbye. Here's what's been happening this week. 

We’ve all seen a funny tweet and wished we had written it. Some go that step further and claim it as their own. Twitter is shutting down joke thieves by erasing and hiding tweets reported as stolen, placing a ‘Tweet Withheld’ message in its place. You have been warned!

It’s always been the awkward kid in the social media crew and now Google is starting to wean itself off Google+. Google has decided to move some features ‘that aren’t essential to an interest based social experience’ -  here's what it means for marketers.

Introducing Vervid - a lovechild of Vine, Snapchat and Youtube that celebrates your smartphone’s natural portrait orientation. Its video editing tools are easy to use and still produce some great quality content. 

Facebook has revealed plans to monetise its Messenger app by letting brands and businesses use Messenger to send customers receipts, shipping updates and handle customer service issues. More excitingly Facebook has also revealed a solar powered internet plane – a high flying, long-endurance plane that will bring basic internet access to the developing world. 

Public urination is simply not ok on many, many levels and San Francisco has had enough. Introducing pee repellent paint. If anybody chooses to ignore the ‘Hold It!’ signs and relieves themselves in public, they should be on high alert for splash back. 

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