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Is technology helping fast food get faster?

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Is technology helping fast food get faster?
Thursday 16 July, 2015

Technology has changed the face of QSR, both figuratively and literally. It is now more important than ever for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) to adopt new cloud based technology for ordering, payment and loyalty cards to encourage convenient, intuitive applications for customers. 

Last week’s Krispy Kreme’s quirky advertisement showcased the strange joys of modern technology in the form of a ‘lickable advertisement’. The Australian-first advertisement encourages users to continually swipe the screen, ‘licking’ the doughnut with your virtual tongue. Ad News suggests that this advertisement exploits the Google Light box technology to deliver a delicious experience to the audience through gamification.

Alternatively, ordering fast-food has become one of the simplest things to do online. Payment is now a breeze with Pizza Hut’s innovative Visa Checkout system, ensuring your credit card will never need to leave your wallet again.

En-route to the store, the customer is able to pay for the product and gather all loyalty points in one secure location. The cumbersome cycle of gaining and loosing loyalty cards has been halted within the Boost Juice App, allowing ordering and accumulation of points to occur intuitively on the users smart device.

What’s next? And what does this mean for the customer? Fast-paced, accurate orders that provide privacy and security around account details whilst giving you time back in your life. Despite the benefits, Screen warns of compatibility issues, battery and device failure.

It’s now up to fast food restaurants across Australia to feature the use of innovative technology whilst complementing the downsides to ensure growth and customer satisfaction.

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