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Five things in five minutes
Thursday 9 July, 2015

Celebrity dating, Facebook video updates and a great example of how to win at social media. 

Video is the content go-to of choice these days so it’s no wonder Facebook is constantly changing its video offering to compete with YouTube. There are new changes to the News Feed algorithm that will show you more videos based on the ones you interact with, ad revenue from videos will be shared with the creators and there is a new update that supports floating videos. Facebook is also testing a new cost-per-view option for ads, kicking in after 10 seconds of viewing to cancel out the autoplay feature. 

Nothing feels better on your birthday than logging on to greetings from a social network. Twitter has announced that you can add your date of birth to your profile allowing birthday greetings from well-wishers and some animated balloons all over your profile. Nice gesture or thinly veiled data grab? Time will tell! #HBD in the meantime. 

Instagram is in the process of a makeover to increase our perusing pleasure by increasing the size of the images users can upload from 640x640 to 1080x1080. This means higher resolution images on mobile and bigger pictures on desktop. It’s already being rolled out so look out for extra detail in your breakfast snaps. 

Swiping left and right isn’t just for us mere mortals – sometimes lonely celebrities are looking for love online too. Tinder has announced verified profiles so when you happen across a familiar face you’ll know it’s officially them. And probably swipe left.  

It’s game, set and match to Wimbledon this year. They British tennis tournament has been winning on social media, using special emojis on twitter that appear with the #wimbledon hashtag (and change daily), great shots on Instagram and using Vine and Periscope for a sneak peak behind-the-scenes. 

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