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What happened this week
Friday 26 June, 2015

Facebook updates, social platforms getting serious and living vicariously through Google street view. 

Facebook has had a busy old week announcing significant updates to Power Editor and Ad Manager, changing its News Feed (again) and you can now use Facebook Messenger without having a Facebook account. Buying, optimising and managing ads will be that much easier and the posts you spend the most time looking at will influence what you see as you scroll through your newsfeed. 

Instagram are taking on Twitter for real-time events. It has revamped the Explore feature of its app to improve the discovery of events around the world as they happen by using trending tags and trending places. 

Instagram Journalism is starting to take off on the platform. Portraits and short profile essays are sitting alongside selfies and pictures of uneaten food.

YouTube is taking a similar direction by adding newswire – a YouTube channel that will show a curated feed of verified eyewitness videos. It’s hoping to be the go-to channel for breaking news as well as amusing cat videos.

Hold on to your arm rests. Google street view is taking things to new heights, quite literally.  You can now scale El Captain in Yosemite, California from your sofa, the bus or wherever you might be.

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