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What happened this week
Friday 19 June, 2015

Photo-oversharing, explaining snapchat to your mum and the internet showing why we love it with a little help from zookeepers. 

Millennials, Gen Y and hipsters step aside. There’s a new stereotype in town being described as the ‘cultural offspring of yuppies and hipsters’  – the yuccie (aka Young Urban Creatives). We’ll see if this term sticks or not (preference for the latter) but in the mean time here are three tips on marketing to this new group. 

Facebook have launched a new standalone app called Moments – a photo sharing app that shares your snaps with friends…and Facebook servers.  The app works by scanning all the photos on your camera roll and using facial recognition technology to identify your friends before suggesting that you share their photo with them. Here’s a handy how-to video that explains the app really nicely.  

As Pinterest lays the foundation for more advertising it has announced the eight ad-tech partners behind the new Promoted Pins.   

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has produced a flashy video to explain his popular app to parents. Sparing no expenses he deftly explains that while we used to take photos to capture memories we’ve now shifted and use them for talking. 

A little film called Jurassic World was released over the weekend and as well as smashing box office records it’s inspired a wonderful meme which is taking animal keepers by storm. #JurassicZoo is the best thing I’ve seen all week (second only to the movie, of course). 

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