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What happened this week
Friday 12 June, 2015

Music streaming wars, desktop updates and Sydney all lit up.

Apple Music has been announced. The new service from apple is a mish mash of Spotify, Pandora and iTunes with a strong social element too. Let the streaming wars commence. 

Anyone who’s logged on to Instagram via their desktop this week will see that it’s had a snazzy makeover and now looks more like the app and less like an afterthought. Emphasis is still very much on keeping Instagram as a mobile first app but the new, simpler website is definitely an improvement and will make scrolling through content much more enjoyable and less like a punishment for not using the app. 

Continuing with global domination Facebook have launched ‘Facebook Lite’, a stripped down version of the mobile app especially for countries with slow internet connections. It is already available in Asia and will be rolling out in Latin America and Africa in the next few weeks giving advertisers greater access to consumers in developing regions. 

They say sex sells so California are using suggestive slogans to grab people’s attention during the current drought. Asking people to ‘go full frontal’ with their washing machine and take ‘short and steamy’ showers they’re encouraging water conservation with a series of tongue in cheek ads

And finally it was lights out on Vivid Sydney this week. Here are ten of the best photos from two weeks of music, ideas and Sydney looking extra specially lovely. 

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