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What happened this week
Friday 5 June, 2015

Pinterest is now a shopping minefield, the streets are getting sassy and you can experience virtual reality with...cardboard. 

 Photo apps are increasing shopability with Instagram launching ‘shop now’ buttons and Pinterest finally unveiling its ‘Buyable Pins’ feature. The move into e-commerce looks like it will be lucrative for Pinterest with its hopes of attracting more merchants to its paid-for promoted pins product. 

On the subject of photos here are some great infographics on how images make content more shareable on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Potholes – annoying, right? Panama city has had enough of its terrible roads and now it’s not just the people complaining. The potholes have something to say too. A number of pressure sensitive devices have been placed in potholes all over the city that automatically tweet messages to the Department of Public Works whenever cars drive over them.  Fantastic innovation that seems to be working! 

Are you ready to try virtual reality? Google is reinventing field trips with Google Cardboard – a cheap cardboard frame that holds a smartphone to your face. Unsurprisingly the results aren’t as impressive as something like Oculus Rift, but Cardboard makes virtual reality accessible, affordable, easy and fun.  

Social media is going a bit GIF crazy.  Facebook has finally started supporting animated images, Imgur has launched an android app and now Tumblr has added a search function to make finding the perfect GIF reaction, in all its animated glory, that much easier. 

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