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What happened this week
Friday 29 May, 2015

One click shopping, news as it breaks and a lost little piggy.

Mobile shopping is getting easier thanks to Google who have rolled out two new mobile ad products. Click-to-buy buttons in search results, which aim to drive seamless sales, and shoppable ads in YouTube videos which seem to be more about brand’s mobile influence

Does your Facebook newsfeed feel cluttered these days? Well there’s a reason for that aside from weddings and babies. Facebook for business have announced that there are more than two million active advertisers on Facebook.

Tweets just got a lot more searchable. Google and Twitter have teamed up allowing tweets to appear directly in search results. This will make searching for real time information all the easier especially when looking for details about breaking news stories. 

Also jumping on the make-news-more-accessible bandwagon is Facebook – they’ve confirmed that the app will start hosting news articles directly on its pages with the aim of speeding up the process of accessing information. The average eight seconds it currently takes to launch external articles is too long it seems. 

Favourite ad this week comes from Vodafone NZ who have used a heartwarming tale about a lost piglet to encourage people to stay connected.  

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