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What happened this week
Friday 15 May, 2015

Celebrity dogs and an all star 'rap' video. It’s been a big week for not very big news.  

Facebook have shared an infographic which says that it is the online leader in discovering entertainment, especially for Millennials who mostly discover content via digital.   

Snapchat is continuing in its quest for world domination and has launched video ads for advertisers, using the ‘Snapchat Discover’ feature for 2c a view. 

Social Media has confirmed that mums are more important than sport.  Facebook users worldwide posted more about Mother’s Day than the Superbowl and the Winter Olympics combined. 229 million Facebook users were responsible of over 1.8 billion interactions last Sunday. This post from The Rock was one of the most popular making the rounds. 

Celebrities at the Met Gala flounced the social media ban and proved that you can’t stop selfies, no matter what Anna Wintour has to say. Instagram collected the top emojis used at the event. 

Not a morning person? Love taking selfies? There’s a new android app for you.  Snap Me Up is a new alarm clock that uses facial recognition to press snooze. You wake up AND get a whole album of automatically saved sleepy snaps. 

The #WarOnTerrier is on. Johnny Depp arrived back in Australia to film the new Pirates of the Caribbean film…with a couple of stowaways. Depp failed to acknowledge his pooches and they need to leave the country or face being put down. The internet has gone barking mad with petitions and memes popping up all over the place. Choice quote from Agricultural Minister Barnaby Joyce, ‘It doesn’t matter if Johnny Depp has been awarded sexiest man alive twice, it’s time Boo and Pistol bugger off home’

And finally #FoodRevolutionDay happened thanks to Jamie Oliver with a bit of help from Ed Sheeran. Great idea and a great message with a, well, this video. It’s already had over 18 million views but the ‘rapping' makes me deeply uncomfortable.

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