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What happened this week
Thursday 7 May, 2015

Video chatting, a Royal baby and Ryan Gosling being a good guy.  It’s been a busy week on social media. 

You may or may not have heard but a new princess has been welcomed into the world and social media managers everywhere did their best to relate their brand to the birth – some more successfully than others. Social media feeds were awash with pink and photoshopped crowns as virtually every household name jumped on the baby bandwagon. It’s a bit of a cringe fest and this vine from  Walker’s is one of the stranger offerings but my personal favourite has to be from Tesco. Potatoes aren’t the first thing to spring to mind when thinking about princesses, or indeed babies.  

Facebook messenger is continuing in it’s quest to take over the digital world an has introduced video calling from the stand alone app with over 1 million video calls made during the first two days - watch out Skype and FaceTime. 

Social media stats for April are in. Facebook is still sitting at the top and Instagram continues to grow,  now boasting 5 million monthly active users. That’s a lot of potential sunset pictures.  

Live streaming apps Periscope and Meerkat have been a hot topic ever since Meerkat dominated SXSW this year and brands are starting to experiment.  Doritos have launched limited edition ‘roulette’ bags of chips (with some spicier than others) offering a game-of-chance-style snacking experience.  Doritos is leveraging social media to bring the game to life offering a range of prizes when using the #DoritosRoulette…three great gifts and one dud. As well as winners being announced with a vine video and there will also be two live game show-style giveaways using Periscope. 

Also this week Ryan McHenry, the creator of the popular ‘Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal’ meme, sadly passed away. Ryan Gosling responded in the best way possible with a heartfelt personal vine, touching message and even sent flowers to Ryan’s girlfriend. 

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