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What happened this week
Friday 1 May, 2015

Content really does seem to be king this week with sharing being the hot topic.

BuzzStream and Fractl partnered up to find out which types of content get the most social media shares. They analysed 220,000 pieces of social media content over six months and the result? A lot of insights handily summed up in this infographic

With all this content being shared it’s probably quite important to understand how it spreads.  Enter BuzzFeed.  BuzzFeed published a blog post introducing Pound, a new technology that will change the way people understand the spread of content through the web. They’ve done a great job of putting something very complicated into layman’s terms. Definitely one to keep an eye on this year. 

Photos are still the most successful form of content.  Here’s a closer look at the use of images across the major social platforms. 

Apple finally released the much-hyped apple watch and the first technical bugs are starting to appear. Have a sleeve tattoo? You may want to give it a miss. 

Instagram has launched three new filters and is now allowing emoji hashtags. If you’ve ever wondered where those expressive pictograms come from here’s a handy little video that gives you a bitesized overview. #wherestheeggplant

And finally, an antidote to this rainy Friday this video went viral this week. I challenge you to watch it and not smile. 

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