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What happened this week
Friday 24 April, 2015

Another busy week with a little spot of rain.

You may or may not have noticed that Sydney had a spot of bad weather. Social media put on it’s grown up hat and helped keep everybody informed during the worst storm of the century. The SES, NSW police, transport and political figures all provided real-time reports and information across all of their social pages and proved an important and very useful way of using social for a purpose.  Of course, as people documented the storm on social media, it was still there to make a mockery of us too. 

Twitter has introduced a way to cut down on twitterfeed clutter with an opt it-in highlights feature, a curated selection of the most important tweets from your daily twitterfeed. In an effort to crack down on trolling it’s also broadened it’s abuse policies and introduced new tools for combatting ‘violent threats’.  

Facebook (now up to 1.44 billion monthly users) has been changing it’s algorithms again, this time to prioritise content from friends over pages. This Forbes article sums up the changes nicely and is worth reading if only for the Facebook picture they’ve chosen to share – makes you proud to live in Sydney!

Content Marketing is still the buzzword for 2015 so far and this infographic on the state of content marketing sums it all up very nicely. 

Ever think erasing your browsing history erased everything? Well Google is the elephant that never forgets. One account. All of Google. All of your search history.

And finally, YouTube turned 10 and we celebrated by picking some of our favourite videos. With millions of videos to choose from it’s harder than you’d think!

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