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What happened this week
Friday 17 April, 2015

Five day working weeks are back and with it comes all sorts of news from the digital world. 

The big kids of social have had a busy week. Facebook reveals, a ‘dedicated desktop messaging experience’ and follow on from the controversial messenger app. Think MSN messenger for 2015. Twitter has launched a whole host of updates from it’s homepage, it’s retweet and quote tweet function and businesses can pin an app to the top of their profile. LinkedIn have launched Elevate which allows companies to curate and share company content.

Social media has had a fair share of wins and terrible fails this week. Mortein have apologised for their controversial Facebook post which attempted to jump on the hashtag following the murder of Stephanie Scott and Woolworths was left red faced after it’s ANZAC day campaign failed spectacularly. I think this particular blunder is going to stay fresh in a lot of peoples memories. With the bad comes the good - thanks to Roxy and Facebook, a pensioner called Joe was reunited with a much loved ring

Winter is coming and Game of Thrones season 5 is on our screens.  Dumb Ways to Die released a handy video summing up the first four seasons (spoiler alert!).

It’s also been a great week for large scale content advertising and big thumbs up this week to Hyundai and Proctor & Gamble.   

Hyundai pulled off an incredible stunt which it used to launch the Hyundai genesis. Stunt drivers to to Delamar Dry Lake Bed in Nevada and helped an astronaut’s daughter send a simple, heart warming message to her father on the International Space Station, breaking a Guiness world record in the process.

Lions and denture cream. Not two things you’d usually talk about at the same time, but Saatchi & Saatchi Italy went there for P&G and the result is Saving Aslan.  Proof that even the most unglamorous of products can produce compelling branded entertainment. 

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