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What happened this week
Friday 10 April, 2015

Facebook have launched a new video app called Riff.  It strongly encourages people to share and has great potential for showcasing creativity. 

Apple’s latest update is it’s most exciting for a while, namely because of the hundreds of new emojis. On first glance it looks like our favourite text faces have become Simpsons characters, but if you tap and linger a whole world of diversity is at your fingertips.  However, you can’t please everybody.

Easter and chocolate go hand in hand these days so it’s no surprise to see that Cadbury’s was all over Easter activations with a giant egg and a giant egg hunt in the Botanical Gardens. Over on Facbeook, two seconds is all Cadbury’s needed to get it’s important Easter message across: What came first? The mini chicken or the mini egg

Move over Millennials, there’s a new target audience in town.  Introducing Gen Z – an audience of tapped-in consumers aged seven to seventeen. What do they want from brands? This infographic sums it up nicely.

On the subject of Gen Z unless you’ve been living under a rock you have probably heard the sad news that One Direction is now down by One Direction.  Madame Tussaud’s and Kleenex were quick to capitalise on the heartbreak and provided a Tissue Attendant by Zayn’s wax work to help mop up the tears. They were rewarded with thousands of tweets and social shares – definitely not to be sniffed at. 

And finally, if you want people’s attention, free beer is a good place to start. This is probably the best poster in the world. Nice work, Carlsberg.

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