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Wednesday 8 April, 2015

One of the greatest barriers clients find to kick starting their social voices is fear. 

What if someone says something nasty about you? What if you say something someone picks up on and slaughters you in social media? It’s as though some brand custodians suddenly become nervous kindergarteners on their first day of school, desperately seeking approval and love from all.

As Tay Tay says, haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate, so you just need to feel the fear and do it any way. Establishing guidelines and rules of engagement will give structure and alleviate some of the fear of risk in social media communications.

Follow a few basic rules of thumb and you will be on your way to a rewarding social life.

· Be real – use your voice
· Don’t pick fights – or engage with them
· Engage, don’t preach
· Share what you’re interested in, your audience will probably like it too
· Set up clear rules about what can and can’t be posted and ensure they’re communicated clearly with those people responsible for posting
· Proof read what you post – *before* you post it
· Would you say it to your grandma? If so, then it’s probably fine to post. If not, then you might want to re-think it
· Consider the medium you’re posting in – a Facebook post may not work or be appropriate in a LinkedIn context
· Make a mistake? Own up to it and if necessary explain how it happened
· If in doubt, use your key messages to guide you in constructing your post. They will help anchor you and keep your tone consistent.

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