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Video makes the PR star

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Video makes the PR star
Friday 14 February, 2014

Following the launch of local versions of The MailOnline, The Guardian and most recently Buzzfeed, I’ve been thinking a lot about the changing landscape of PR.

In particular, the way PR agencies need to adapt to changing media and media consumption; how we need to be more creative than ever before and wear multiple hats in the process. We need to be creative enough to be in the running for the big campaign budgets, creative with traditional media stories and how to tell them, visually creative when thinking about video content and digitally creative when it comes to social media.

A survey out last year in the US looked at the state of multimedia use in PR and the importance of visual communication in the media strategy mix. The results were surprising – 79% of respondents believed that video is underutilised in PR messaging and platforms, however 76% expected their use of visual storytelling to increase over the next 12 months.

After photos, video content drives the most engagement on social media channels. Of the last five things I shared on my social media channels, three were video based and I completely agree that video content is underutilised in PR.

Video used doesn’t have all the production bells and whistles of a Baz Luhrman extravaganza either. One video put together by a client last year garnered nearly 20,000 views on an online news site, and another 20,000 on their own Youtube channel – a great result for something which required limited time and budget.

In terms of selling the benefits of using multimedia, I think a good starting point is good old research, case studies and a look at a client’s own social media, all of which will hopefully help to educate about how video fits within the media and PR mix. More often than not, clients put video in the too-hard basket but in 2014, more so than before, I look forward to the challenge of making video an integral part of the next big campaign.

Sam Pearson

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