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Friday 26 April, 2019

We’ve had a three-day work week, but we’ve still found FIVE THINGS for you to check out. Game of Thrones fan? We take a look at what happened when Elmo tried to teach some GoT characters respect, why McDonald’s is getting involved in India’s election, and the travel booking site that's moving into show biz.    

Game of Thrones fever is spreading, and not even Sesame Street is immune. In a cute skit to mark the iconic show's 50th birthday, Elmo sat down with Tyrion and Queen Cersei to teach the siblings an important lesson in respect. Who would have thought all it took to reunite these two was a furry red monster with a high-pitched voice?

To mark Earth Day, Etihad flight EY484 landed in Brisbane with no single-use plastic items on board. The airline replaced 95 plastic products with eco-friendly alternatives such as edible coffee cups made from natural grains. The first ultra-long-haul flight to do so, EY484 saved 50kg of waste heading to land fill according to Etihad.

Airbnb is turning its attention to show business with the creation of a television series. Aiming to inspire travellers worldwide, the docuseries will feature unique abodes around the world and the people behind them. Only time will tell if this will become our newest binge-worthy obsession!

Japan’s latest pop-up museum doesn’t focus on history, artifacts or science – instead it’s dedicated to unko (poo in Japanese). At The Unko Museum visitors can sit on brightly coloured toilets, draw artistic representations of their bowel movements and yell ‘unko’ into a microphone, all to encourage travellers to become less self-consciousness about poo. Strange, yes, but with more than 10,000 people visiting in the first week alone, the concept is already proving poopular. Sorry.

McDonald’s India has released an ad encouraging citizens to take their right to vote seriously in the country’s upcoming election. The campaign shows McDonald's employees serving customers orders that they didn’t ask for, likening the lack of choice to not taking part in voting. Some 900 million Indians are eligible to vote, however, 280 million opted not to in the last election.

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