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Five Things in Five Minutes
Friday 22 February, 2019

Somewhere, over the rainbow, Mardi Gras preparations are underway and street signs across Australia are getting a fabulous makeover. As well as colourful campaigns, this week we take a look at a cheeky Instagram account talking about your bits, what we're really eating (hint: we're not as sophisticated as we'd like to think), and a new sky-high restaurant concept. 

1. Spreading the love
In celebration of this year’s Mardi Gras, Oxford Street signs across Australia have been given a rainbow touch. ANZ is responsible for the makeover, spreading the celebrations from Kings Cross to East Launceston. The best part? From the 27th of February you can view them on Google Street View  - or you can set out on a road trip like we'd love to!

2. Cheeky plates
Cancer research body ANZUP has partnered with celebrity chefs including Manu Feildel to raise awareness of below-the-belt cancers with a cheeky social media campaign. The #RudeFood campaign encourages the public to share dishes resembling select body parts. We certainly think this campaign will get people talking. Got any recipes in mind?

3. In-flight feast for all 
We have good news if you’re a fan of plane food (...anyone?). Air Asia has hinted at opening a fast-food restaurant serving the airline’s in-flight 'Santan' menu, inspired by local Malaysian dishes. While Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandes thinks his in-flight menu soars above the competition, we wonder whether the novelty of pre-packaged food would wear off when not 35,000ft in the air...

4. Hidden food habits 
We Sydneysiders like to think of ourselves as café snobs – but it turns out what we really love is a cheap, greasy burger and takeaway Chinese. A recent study revealed a third of Australians visit McDonald’s at least once a month. And, despite younger generations preferring Italian and Mexican, Chinese food remains the national favourite. 

5. First Class VR 
No stranger to tech innovations, Qantas has used virtual reality to assist in the design of its first class lounge in Singapore. The 360° immersive experience brought 2D designs to life to fine-tune the space and scale of the lounge. It's expected to open in late 2019, in case you need an excuse to fly first class!

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