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Five Things in Five Minutes
Friday 15 February, 2019

With Valentine’s Day wrapped up for another year, it seemed brands chose to embrace the revenge-driven cynics among us rather than focusing on loved-up couples. In rounding out the week that was, we take a look at our favourite, cheeky anti-Valentine’s Day campaigns, how Elon Musk is using Twitter and why you should consider using Medium in your marketing strategies. 

1. Say No To Love
If you weren’t feeling loved up this Valentine’s Day, you’re weren’t alone, with many brands this year embracing the anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment. A far cry from chocolates and expensive dinners, some of our favourite campaigns include revealing your ex for the snake they are, feeding them to a meerkat and blind-dating a book on public transport rather than enduring another disappointing tinder date. 

2.  The Medium Place 
Jeff Bezos recently used an interesting tactic to address threats of extortion and blackmail. The Amazon founder published an opinion piece on the publishing platform Medium, taking a stand against the National Enquirer. If you’re as interested in the scandal as we are, you can read all about why Jeff won’t be taking any more ‘under the belt selfies’ and why we think this platform is something that all Australian marketers should be using.

3.  WeChat
Marie Claire Australia has joined the growing number of brands tapping into the ever-expanding market for Chinese luxury consumers. The magazine this week launched a ‘mini-app’ on WeChat, China’s most popular social media platform. In addition to directing consumers to Australian stores, the app also provides a range of brand opportunities, such as in-app content, influencer partnerships and in-store activations.

4. High Flyers
German travelers may soon be taking to the skies in a different way. Frankfurt Airport announced it is developing a Futurama-esque solution to combat traffic, planning to use electric air taxis to ferry passengers to and from the airport. But the pilot-less endeavour might be delayed while legal frameworks catch-up.

5. Elon's pup-date tweet
When Elon Musk isn’t tweeting memes, he is using Twitter to casually announce new features to his futuristic vehicles. Replying to a customer’s concern about security, Musk announced what we think is Tesla’s most important feature to date - dog mode. The feature ensures your unattended pup stays cool and comfortable in a climate-controlled vehicle while assuring passing pedestrians of his comfort and safety.

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