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Five Things in Five Minutes

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Five Things in Five Minutes
Friday 1 February, 2019

This week we look at eco-friendly food delivery, futuristic kicks and how facial recognition stops wildlife trafficking. All this and more in this week's Five Things in Five Minutes.

1. Brands in the Loop
Big-name brands like Nestlé and Pepsi have joined Loop, a new reusable packaging initiative. The subscription service delivers groceries in customised, durable packaging that is then collected, cleaned and re-used.

2. VR in the ER
Hornsby Hospital has introduced virtual reality headsets for staff and clinicians. The technology is helping staff become familiar with new spaces and improvements to their working environment.

3. Futuristic kicks
Nike has launched self-lacing trainers. Specifically designed for basketball players, the smart shoes loosen and tighten throughout play to maximise performance.

4. The coolest 100
Streets Ice Cream celebrated Triple J’s Hottest 100 with a cheeky social media campaign. Streets released pun-tastic posts hijacking the countdown, featuring some of their iconic ice cream brands.

5. Spotted: trafficking
Facial recognition software is helping save trafficked chimpanzees. ChimpFace identifies chimps on social media and eCommerce websites, with suspicious posts sent to conservation experts for review.

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