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Five Things in Five Minutes

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Five Things in Five Minutes
Friday 4 January, 2019

This week we explore how China is keeping track of students, researchers recruit insects and the future of grocery shopping. All this and more in this week's Five Things in Five Minutes. 

1. Movie makers of the future
Western Australia is getting its first virtual reality festival. Aiming to inspire future film makers, the event will look at how VR can revolutionise the way audiences interact with movies.

2. Tech creating a buzz 
Researchers have created a sensor to monitor crop health which straps onto bees. Weighing a mere 102 milligrams and recharging in the hive overnight, the bee backpack aims to replace drones.

3. Robot grocery drop 
American supermarket chain Kroger has announced a fleet of unmanned, self-driving delivery cars. Travelling on public roads, the R1 will drop groceries straight to customers' doorsteps.

4. AI artistry 
An American artist has harnessed artificial intelligence to create artworks with his mind. AI algorithms are used to measure brain activity, which is then interpreted by a painter. The results? Both puzzling and fascinating. 

5. China's 'intelligent uniforms'  
Chinese schools are using smart uniforms to monitor attendance rates. The uniforms are embedded with microchips that supply the school and parents with real time data, including the time they arrive and leave school.

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