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Five Things in Five Minutes

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Five Things in Five Minutes
Friday 14 December, 2018

This week we explore accessible makeup tutorials, futuristic houseplants and high-tech dairy farms. These stories and more in this week's Five Things in Five Minutes. 

1. Dear Tree, I love you. 
Tens of thousands of trees in Melbourne's CBD have received e-love letters by members of the public. An initiative by Melbourne City Council linked 70,000 trees with email addresses in a bid to encourage the public to report on their condition. Lovelorn messengers have been using the addresses to write existential queries to their favourite trees. 

2. New makeup vision
In partnership with Vision Australia, Priceline has launched a makeup tutorial series with a difference. The videos showcase tips and tricks for those who suffer from blindness or have low vision, making makeup more accessible for everyone. 

3. Calls of the wild 
Ever wondered what bees swarming lavender in the Cotswalds sounds like? Neither have we, but now you can hear it with Cities and Memory's new sound map. It's the world's largest collection of natural sounds with more than 500 recordings.

4. High-tech herd
Dairy farmers in England are embracing 5G technology, equipping cows with collars which allow them to be milked and fed by automated machines. The collars also supply farmers with behavioral and health data, increasing efficiency. 

5. Cyborg houseplants
If you're a serial houseplant killer, Elowan could be the solution. A robot-plant hybrid, Elowan uses the plant's natural electrical signals to drive itself toward light. 

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