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Five Things in Five Minutes

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Five Things in Five Minutes
Friday 7 December, 2018

This week we explore Instagram 'sitters', how to track elephants and the music we were all listening to this year. These stories and more in this week's Five Things in Five Minutes. 

1. Instagram 'sitters'
A Swiss hotel chain has introduced a new 'social media sitter' service, leaving guests free to enjoy their holiday without the stress of having to post on their own platform. A network of local influencers will be on hand to find the best spots to 'gram, and ensure your feed keeps up appearances while you're off relaxing. With the service starting at $AUD120, how much is too much to pay for a little digital detox? 

2. Punked by Payless
US discount shoe store Payless opened a fake luxury store, ‘Palessi,’ to see how much fashionistas would pay for its affordable shoes. The answer? A lot. The new campaign is a clever tool in brand repositioning, just in time for the Christmas rush.

3. Good vibes only
Researchers in Kenya are using 'rumbles', the vibrations caused by elephant movements and vocalisations, to track elephants. The technology, which is usually used to monitor earthquakes, will be used to prevent poaching. 

4. AI hooks NT fish
Marine biologists have used AI technology to monitor fish populations in Darwin Harbour. Cameras attached to buoys will identify fish by sight, with potential uses for marine scientists around the world. We think it might be the perfect way to reel in the elusive Million Dollar Fish...

5. 2018 - that's a wrap
Spotify's annual Wrapped campaignhas launched for 2018, rounding up the most popular songs and playlists of the year. Spotify listeners can also use the tool to discover their personal favorites, top-streamed tracks for 2018 and even how long they spent listening to music throughout the year. 

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