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Five Things in Five Minutes

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Five Things in Five Minutes
Friday 23 November, 2018

This week we take a look at a new role for fitness trackers, how virtual reality is changing the way employees prepare for the chaos of Black Friday sales and question the security of your DNA. Read about this, and more, in this weeks Five Things in Five Minutes. 

1. Fit-bits in the farmyard

Australian scientists from the CSIRO have created a tech accessory for cows - a fitness tracker. Similar to a 'fit-bit', the smart tech provides data that helps farmers track their livestock, monitor what they get up to and check on their well-being from afar. The new smart ear tag has been successfully trialed on 100 cattle and is tipped to save farmers much-needed time and money. 

2. Virtual training hits Black Friday sales

Ahead of the mad rush of Black Friday sales, US supermarket giant Walmart has enlisted the help of VR to prepare it's employees. Creating simulated, chaotic scenarios, employees across all it's stores will now have access to this futuristic tech training. 

3. Sounds like a martian sunrise 

Ever wondered what a sunrise on Mars would sound like? To celebrate the Opportunity Rover's 5,000th morning on Mars, scientists used data sonification to translate the pixels of the sunrise photo taken by the rover into a song. Take a listen here. 

4. Build your own emoji

The way we express our emotions have come a long way, but when words, and your generic emoji keyword fail you, you can now convey your emotions with your own personalised emoji. A designer from Stripe has created an emoji builder that allows users to morph together their favorite emojis into one. 

5. Fooling the system

Researchers from New York have used machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a program that can fool four out of five fingerprint recognition systems. The AI-generated synthetic fingerprints will be used for good to help improve biometric scanners and prevent against potential dangers.


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