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Five Things in Five Minutes
Friday 2 November, 2018

This week, we're celebrating the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), from art worthy of a six-figure price tag to border patrol lie detectors. Find out more in this week's Five Things in Five Minutes.

1. AI painting sells for $400k
An AI-created artwork has sold at auction for nearly half a million dollars. The image was created using an algorithm that scanned thousands of historical artworks.

2. A novel concept
The world's first novel written by AI has been published. 1 The Road was created with sensors connected to a portable writing machine, printing out one letter at a time. 

3. Agent AI
A new border protection programusing AI lie detection technology is set to roll out in Hungary, Latvia and Greece. The technology will analyse micro-gestures to look for signs of deception.

4. Peaceful side to humanity
A new study using AI to mimic human religiosity has revealed humans are not a naturally violent species. However, we are willing to endorse violence when our core beliefs are endangered. 

5. Deep space galaxies discovered
Researchers have taught an AI program used to recognise people on Facebook to identify galaxies in deep space. The bot named ClaRAN scans images taken by radio telescopes to spot radio galaxies.

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