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Five Things in Five Minutes
Friday 28 September, 2018

This week the double helix meets music playlists, a calorie-burning car launches and USB ports masquerade as your favourite double-cream brie. Find out more in this week's Five Things in Five Minutes.

1. Gene-inspired tunes coming to Spotify
You can tell a lot about someone based on their music tastes. and Spotify are taking things to a molecular level, introducing customised music based on user's ancestry.

2. Burn calories in your car
The iconic foot-powered cars of the Flinstone era are making a comeback, albeit with a fitspo makeover. FitCar PPVhas introduced a pedal-powered vehicle which burns calories. 

3. Cacao cottage
Staying in a cottage in France seems dreamy enough, but throw edible chocolate walls, doors and even mugs and you have a chocoholics dream. The Chocolate Cottage in France can accommodate up to four (hungry) guests.

4. Hydrogen-powered trains
The world's first hydrogen powered trainshave debuted in Germany. The zero-emission train uses a hydrogen fuel cell to power movement, emitting only steam and condensed water.

5. Water you can eat
Joining the fight to eliminate plastic waste, Skipping Rocks Lab has created an edible water bottle. Made from plants and seaweed, Ooho! is 100% biodegradable. 

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