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Five Things in Five Minutes

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Five Things in Five Minutes
Friday 21 September, 2018

This week mind-blowing optical illusions take over NYC, the Northern Territory bids for a giant barra and we go in-depth on the origins of OK. Find out more in this week's Five Things in Five Minutes.

1. Seeing is not believing at the Museum of Illusions
The Museum of Illusions has opened in New York, puzzling visitors with its mind-bending optical and sensory exhibits. Part science and part art, visitors can interact with the Instagram-worthy installations and puzzles.

2. Disaster drones to run on 4G
Telstra has developed drone swarms to help during disaster situations. The 'cell on wings' (their words, not ours) are mounted with a small cell to temporarily boost local coverage via Telstra's 4G network. 

3. What's the next 'big thing'?
Wotif has launched it's search for the Next Big Thing, a nationwide hunt to find the next big tourist attraction. The Northern Territory has already put its case forward,unveiling concepts for a Big Camel, Big Cicada and Big Barra. 

4. I scream for savoury ice cream 
Savoury ice cream is having a moment, with flavours from mayonnaise to Texan BBQ and soy sauce proving oddly popular. We think we'll stick with salted caramel. 

5. The origin of 'OK'
The mystery behind the most widely spoken word in the world has been solved. OK, k, and okay date back to an obscure language fad from the 1830s. Okay?

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