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Five Things in Five Minutes

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Five Things in Five Minutes
Friday 24 August, 2018

This week Instagram models get a digital makeover, Aston Martin releases its Goldfinger-inspired car, and Wikipedia launches its own fashion label. Find out more in this week's Five Things in Five Minutes.

1. Virtually perfect
Meet Shudu, the world's first digital supermodel. The project of British fashion photographer and visual artist Cameron-James Wilson, each shot and video of Shudu takes about three days to create.

2. Google supports hearing impaired
Google has announced Android users will be able to connect, pair and monitor hearing aids with new low-power hearing support. 

3. Martin, Aston Martin
Get out your chequebooks, Aston Martin has announced it will create a limited run of cars inspired by the iconic James Bond film Goldfinger, complete with Q-worthy gadgets.

4. Subway body scanners
LA is stepping up its security with the introduction of portable passenger screening technology in its subway stations.

5. The answer to style
In an interesting rags-to-riches story, Wikipedia has released a surprise street-wear collection to help fund the free encyclopedia. 

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