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Five things in five minutes
Friday 11 May, 2018

This week IKEA tackles bullying, Eminem takes on the tech scene with in-concert AR and Google launches phone-calling functions for its AI Assistant. Get the latest news with Five Things in Five Minutes. 

1. IKEA's radical bullying experiment
IKEA has conducted a social experiment, placing two identical plants in schools with kids encouraged to speak nicely to one and bully the other. The results speak for themselves on the harmful effects of negative words.  

2. Instagood charity
Matching Instagram-flair with philanthropy, chic new homewares company Boon Supply has changed the fundraising game.

3. Google's new AI sounds just like you and me
In a controversial move, Google's AI Assistant can now make real phone calls, and the results are eerie.  

4. Concerts of the future
In a move to build on the modern concert, Eminem has launched an AR App giving concert goers and fans an immersive experience at live shows, and around the world. 

5. Mother's Day breakfast is Lego 
If they can play with Lego, they can make breakfast. A YouTuber has given bacon and eggs a high-tech makeover so even the youngest of kids can make mum breakfast in bed this Sunday.  

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